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Experience Pure Iceland

Dare you to get away from the typical tourist locations to experience Iceland with a local guide! Vik Expeditions offers amazing bespoke explorations to satisfy all adventure levels. Unforgettable fun is waiting for you, treat yourself!

Discover Unlimited Beauty

Whether you are looking to trek to offbeat waterfalls, get a thrill winter camping under the northern lights, or challenging your skills at a glacier… Vik Expeditions has a custom private tour for everyone. Allow us to plan a once in a lifetime journey for you!

Challenge Yourself

From ice climbing, canyoneering, cross country skiing, to hiking to offbeat locations, the list is almost endless! We always welcome your ideas too.

What People Say…

“We booked a private ice climbing adventure with Vik Expeditions and it was simply incredible! Davíð told us about local geology of the area, was patient, kind, witty, and professional. He took care of everything, even lunch at the glacier. Don’t hesitate booking!”

– The James Family
Dallas, Texas

Vik Expeditions Experiences

All of our adventures are tailored to your private group based on your desires and adventure level. We focus on small groups, never exceeding more than 6 people to ensure your experience is extraordinary, special and personal. More ideas for your adventures can be found within our Bespoke Expeditions in Iceland!

Ice Climbing & Glacier Walking in Vik

Year round we offer you a combo tour of both ice climbing & glacier walking on one of Iceland’s many glacier outlets!

Wild Camping in the Icelandic Highlands

Imagine yourself watching the Northern Lights from your tent or snow house after an incredible day of hiking!

Canyoneering in Iceland through waterfall

Canyoneering in South Iceland

Imagine traveling through a canyon in the highlands and maybe even repelling through a waterfall if you’re brave!