Iceland Private Hiking Experience

When it comes to hiking in Iceland there is truly an endless list of choices! From easy 30 minute hikes to hours one way or even 7 days, you decide. Maybe your first experience in hiking is going to be during your first trip to Iceland, there’s no shame! Even if you’re a seasoned mountaineer, this tiny island in the far North has treks for all skill levels.

In hiring Vik Expeditions, for an Iceland Private Hiking Experience, we customize the adventure to you and your small group! So the best question is… What do you want to Discover, Experience, and Explore?!

  • Lush Canyons
  • Hidden Waterfalls
  • Volcanic Landscapes
  • Crazy Shaped Mountains
  • Sea Cliffs
  • Private Black Sand Beaches
  • Lunar-like Scenes
  • Non-touristy Glaciers
  • Local Hot Springs
  • Ice Valley’s, Caves, and Crevasses

Embark on a private hiking experience in the Icelandic Highlands with a local guide! Hiking Adventures typically include the following:

  1. Local Vik Guide: Davíð Geir Jonasson.
  2. Guide Comes With: Awesome navigating skills, First Aid kit (and trained), gear if specifically required (helmets, etc) and 15+ years of hiking experience!
  3. 1-8 hours per day.
  4. 4×4 Transport from Vik meeting location.
  5. Lots of jokes, folklore stories, and local geology knowledge.

Iceland Private Hiking Experience: Begins at $250 USD and ranges up.


*What you Bring:

  1. Positive Can-Do Attitude!
  2. Comfortable Hiking Clothes (dress in layers) / Rain Gear.
  3. Hiking Boots.
  4. Backpack (with personal affects).
  5. Trekking Poles (if needed).

Feel free to contact Vik Expeditions for more information on your Iceland Private Hiking Experience!

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