Vik Ice Climbing

Are you an adrenaline junkie interested in pushing your limits? Or maybe you just really love trying new things? Either way, doing ice climbing in Iceland is a perfect way to challenge yourself on all levels. We explore different glaciers and outlets depending on weather, requirements, and fitness levels. But ice climbing expeditions are offered year round.

What to Expect

Your day will begin in the morning or afternoon, based on what your private group wants to do and what the Icelandic weather dictates. Meeting Davíð with Vik Expeditions, and traveling to one of Iceland’s 13 magnificent glaciers! While on the way, you’ll be awed looking out the window as you listen to folklore stories and local geology.

Arriving to the glacier area, you’ll listen to a safety briefing, gear up, and go! Hiking to where you will be climbing will vary. Could be as little at 15 minutes or as much as 60 minutes plus. The terrain varies between sand dunes, rocks/boulders, or glacier ice. Once the perfect wall is found, you’ll get coaching on how to ice climb in Iceland (if you’re a newby to the extreme sport) or just safety reminders if you’re an experienced ice climber.

Depending on how long you’d like the Vik ice climbing adventure to last, will determine how many walls, crevasses, or faces you climb. Heck, if you’re an experienced ice climber how about abseiling down into a hole in the glacier and climbing out?!

Vik Ice Climbing Includes:

Our private Vik Ice Climbing Expeditions typically include the following (but we are happy to customize):

  1. Local Vik Ice Climbing Guide: Davíð Geir Jonasson.
  2. Guide Comes With: Awesome experienced navigating skills, First Aid kit (and trained), gear, and 15+ years of ice climbing experience!
  3. From 3+ hours.
  4. Vik Ice Climbing Gear (Helmets, crampons, etc). Note: Ice Climbing Boots can be rented additionally.
  5. Lots of jokes, folklore stories, and local geology knowledge!

Private Vik Ice Climbing Expeditions: Begins at $350 USD per person and ranges up.

*What you Bring:

  1. Positive Can-Do Attitude!
  2. Comfortable Climbing Clothes (dress in layers) / Rain Gear.
  3. Ice Climbing Boots (or Stiff Hiking Boots if you don’t have).
  4. Backpack (with personal affects).

Vik Ice Climbing experiences are challenging and exciting!

Allow Vik Expeditions to Elevate Your Adventure…

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