Vik Iceland Glacier Walking

There are 13 glaciers in Iceland with countless outlets across waiting for you to explore within this tiny island in the North Atlantic! Allow Vik Expeditions to introduce you to Iceland’s 4th largest and maybe most challenging. Why? Because underneath the glacier resides one of Iceland’s most unforgiving sub-glacier volcanoes! Imagine spending the day in Vik Iceland Glacier Walking on top of it!

What to Expect

Picture yourself arriving to the charming beautiful village of Vik ready for an exciting day of glacier adventures! There you will meet Davíð your enthusiastic and experienced local glacier guide.

Likely when you arrive, you will find yourself in utter awe! Surrounded by crazy shaped mountains that will either be green or a cool shade of white depending on the season. Meanwhile when you look towards the glacier, it will appear like a black mountain, but it’s not! Hundreds of years of white ice mixes with black sand and pure blue ice telling quite the historical story!

Davíð your Vik Expeditions leader, will prep gear and give you directions on how to put crampons, helmets on, and where to hike behind him. Fun Fact: This glacier area if chock full of quick sand! At this point you will be begin a short hike to your Vik glacier hiking starting place. Next, Davíð will prepare ropes (if needed) for you to use as a guide heading up!

You’ll spend an hour or more (you decide how long you want, our expeditions are custom and private, always!) hiking on the glacier in Vik. Maybe you’ll see deep crevasses, ice tunnels, caves, or valleys that will blow your mind along the way. Each and every tour is different so enjoy an experience like no one else has!! If you opt in for a full day glacier walking experience, imagine having a BBQ lunch at the glacier! Then going right back at it…

Vik Iceland Glacier Walking Experience

Our private Vik Glacier Hiking Experiences typically include the following (but we are happy to customize to accommodate your group):

  1. Local Vik Glacier Guide: Davíð Geir Jonasson.
  2. Guide Comes With: Awesome experienced navigating skills (in all weather conditions), First Aid kit (and trained), professional grade gear, and 15+ years of mountaineering experience!
  3. Vik Iceland Glacier Walking experiences from 3+ hours.
  4. Glacier Walking Gear (Crampons).
  5. Lots of jokes, folklore stories, and local geology knowledge!

Private Vik Glacier Hiking Experiences: From $250 USD per person and ranges up.

*What You Bring:

  1. Positive Can-Do Attitude!
  2. Comfortable Hiking Clothes (dress in layers) / Rain Gear.
  3. Hiking Boots.
  4. Backpack (with personal affects).
  5. Trekking Poles if you feel unstable hiking.

Experience walking in crampons and seeing incredible 360 degree views! Let Vik Expeditions to Elevate Your Adventure so you can Discover. Experience. Explore! It all begins with a Vik Iceland Glacier Walking experience!

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