Bespoke Expeditions

Choosing to have a bespoke expedition versus a seat in a general “tour” in Iceland is an empowering and sometimes life changing decision! And let’s be honest, travel behavior is forever changed, worldwide… You want to be assured you are safe, will walk away healthy, and inspired.

Vik Expeditions was created to provide a unique private experience with JUST YOUR GROUP.  Bespoke adventures in Iceland that will challenge you, bring a smile to your face, and allow you to have an intimate experience with the dynamic landscapes!

Allow Vik Expeditions to Elevate Your Adventure! That way you Discover. Experience. Explore, your way!

A few ideas for expeditions await you below but know we happily welcome your ideas…

Iceland Private Hiking Experience

From 1 hour to 24 hours. Embark on a private hiking experience in the Icelandic Highlands with a local guide!

Vik Iceland Glacier Walking

Experience walking in crampons and seeing unforgettable 360 degree views! From 3+ hours.

Iceland Cross Country Skiing

Crave a good challenge? A cross country skiing expedition across the Icelandic Highlands awaits you! From 6+ hours.

Vik Ice Climbing

Interested in pushing your limits? Try year round Ice Climbing in Vik Iceland! From 3+ hours.

Winter Camping Expedition

Want to experience Iceland unlike anyone else has? Winter camping in Iceland is truly a once in a lifetime expedition!

Iceland Canyoneering

Are you a dare devil at heart? Imagine putting on a pair of waders or wetsuit to travel through a canyon rappelling in the Icelandic highlands!

Craft Your Own Expedition!

Have an idea you need help executing via a local? Or just want to experience something crazy unique? Let’s make your own exciting private adventure!

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