The Katla Track

Come along with us and discover the diverse landscape, history, folklore and mystery that surrounds the volcano and glacier, Katla.  The Volcano Katla, is located in southern Iceland slightly outside the tiny town of Vík í Mýrdal.  And she is considered one of the country’s most powerful and active volcanoes, standing proud at ~4,750 feet.  Katla Glacier and Volcano is part of Iceland’s 4th largest, Mýrdalsjökull glacier.

 Known for her volatile nature, Katla has a history of catastrophic eruptions which is always accompanied by floods due to melting glacier ice. Believe it or not the last major eruption occurred in 1918, and since then, scientists closely monitor its activity, as we remain overdue for another eruption!

Katla’s awe-inspiring presence and continuous geological activity (earthquakes) make it a captivating subject of study and a serious source of an incredible natural wonder in South Iceland.  Therefore, why not experience her for yourself by booking an expedition which discovers her track!  After all, she’s so infamous that Netflix crafted a series after her!

Experience the Katla Track – What to Expect

Your day will begin in the morning or early afternoon, based on what your private group wants to do and what the Icelandic weather dictates.  Meeting Vik Expeditions in the town of Vik and then beginning your journey on the famed and historical Katla Track!  While on the way, you’ll be awed looking out the window as you listen to folklore stories and local geology.  You’ll be witness to the mysterious black sands, crazy shaped green mountains, and have a fun history lesson on the area as you near.

Arriving to the Katla Glacier area, you’ll listen to a safety briefing, gear up, and go!  Here you will experience all 3 sides of the Katla Track, Glacier Outlet, and surroundings of Katla Volcano.  The hike could be as little at 15 minutes or as much as 60+ minutes one way depending on the day.  Know, Vik Expeditions, happily tailors each private Katla Track adventure to the explorers ability and desires too.  Hello glacier walking, ice caving, or ice climbing!

The terrain varies between sand dunes, rocks, boulders, river crossings, glacier quick sand and ice.  Also, depending on how long you’d like the Katla Track adventure to last, will determine how many mountains, crevasses, caves, or faces you climb.  Heck, if you’re up for a true expedition, how about abseiling down into a hole in the glacier and climbing out?!  The adventure is yours for the taking!

Do the Journey Very Few Have…

Maybe you want to experience a place within Katla’s realm very few have… Also a place that was recently uncovered?  Then we can elevate your adventure to hiking to the high glacier waterfall!  On this expedition you will trek across the glacier for 3 – 6 miles one way (depending on how close you want to witness the waterfall).  Witnessing the sheer majesty in person is otherworldly, truly!  One of the most breathtaking silent moments of your life.  You’ll leave renewed and inspired with a deep appreciation for our planets natural and ever-evolving wonders.  Join us, we dare you!

Katla Track Adventure Includes:

Our private Katla Track Expedition includes the following (but we are happy to customize):

  1. Transportation from Vik in a modified 4×4.
  2. Guide Comes With: Awesome experienced navigating skills, First Aid kit (and trained), and Gear.
  3. From 6+ hours.
  4. Gear (Helmets, crampons, ice climbing gear, etc).
  5. Lots of jokes, folklore stories, and local geology knowledge!

Private Katla Track Adventures: Begins at $1,500 USD per group (2-4 people) and ranges up.

*What you Bring:

  1. Positive Can-Do Attitude!
  2. Comfortable Hiking Clothes (dress in layers) / Rain Gear.
  3. Hiking Boots.
  4. Backpack (with personal affects).

Come experience The Katla Track, the greatest wild card of them all!

Allow Vik Expeditions to Elevate Your Adventure…
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