Custom Iceland Expedition

Craft Your Own Custom Iceland Expedition…

Have an idea you need help executing or getting there via a local driver-guider? Or just want to experience something crazy uniquely private? Let’s make your own exciting Custom Iceland Expedition!

Some unique ideas to get you started could be as follows:

  • Modifications of any of our Bespoke Expeditions.
  • Canyoneering in Iceland!
  • Doing a combination trip of Cross Country Skiing to a Glacier Ice Cave!
  • Waterfall Hunting in the Icelandic Highlands.
  • Navigating through vivid Canyons.
  • Hiking on top of Sub-glacial Volcanoes.
  • Trekking all day to Iceland’s various highest peaks!
  • Camping inside of an ice cave!
  • Repelling into holes in the glacier only to ice climb your way out!
  • Zip-lining over a fierce glacier river to discover what’s on the other side…
  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) in a glacier lagoon around icebergs and then go for a hike in a secret canyon valley!
  • Combining the adventure of Vik glacier walking and ice climbing (no previous experience is required)!
  • Multi-Day Ice Climbing in Iceland across many glacier outlets!
  • Taking a hike to hot springs only locals know about and are only accessible via super jeep!

Custom Iceland Expedition Includes:

Typically our custom Iceland expeditions include the following (but we are happy to customize):

  1. Expedition Leader- Local Vik Guide: Davíð Geir Jonasson.
  2. Guide Comes With: Awesome experienced navigating skills, First Aid kit (and trained), gear if specifically required (helmets, etc) and 15+ years of mountaineering experience!
  3. Adventures usually from 8+ hours.
  4. 4×4 Transport from Vik meeting location.
  5. Gear Needed.
  6. Water.
  7. Lunch by request can be included.
  8. Lots of jokes, folklore stories, and local geology knowledge!

Custom Iceland Expedition: Begins at TBD (contact us for more details)

*What you Bring:

  1. Positive Can-Do Attitude!
  2. Comfortable Adventure Clothes (dress in layers) / Rain Gear.
  3. Hiking Boots.
  4. Backpack (with personal affects).

Soo… Don’t you think booking a custom Iceland expedition is the way to go? The beauty of it allows your group the time, flexibility, and ability to do whatever makes you HAPPY exploring for the day and you will not be slowed down by anyone else.

Vik Expeditions would love to craft the very best and most exciting adventure you’ve been on yet!

Contact us to Elevate Your Adventure… So you can Discover. Experience. Explore!

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