Iceland SUP on a Glacier Lagoon

SUP on Glacier Lagoon in Iceland

Lets rewind back in time to the 1940’s on the Hawaiian beaches of Maui…  It is there that standup paddleboarding (affectionately called, SUP) begins.  However it doesn’t really catch on with the general population around the world until 2005 or so.  And it for sure doesn’t come into Icelandic tourism vocabulary until circa 2016 or later depending on who you ask.  Meanwhile, exploring places in unconventional ways is our mission, so bring on the Iceland SUP expeditions!


Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Iceland

Within the last 5 years, SUP adventures have grown worldwide.  Although there are still very few licensed tour operators who offer such adventures here in Iceland.  Personally, Vik Expeditions are fans of Iceland SUP expeditions around glacier lagoons versus boring lakes!

Can you picture yourself going out to standup paddleboard for the day on an expedition?  After all, who wouldn’t want to glide next to icebergs that tower, see a glacier tongue up close, and be friend seals along the way!!

What to Bring on a Iceland SUP Expedition:

Firstly, book with a Iceland SUP adventure with a licensed tour operator.  Secondly, you may be curious on what to pack!  Good question and that begins with what will your tour or expedition provide?  Some ideas follow to get you started…

  • Standup Paddleboard (with leash).
  • Paddle
  • Life Jacket
  • Dry Suit (if you’re not confident or experienced).
  • Hikers or Running Shoes that are old.
  • Sealskinz Socks & Gloves (so feet and hands won’t get wet when launching).
  • Small Dry Bag (for phone / camera).
  • Extras to Bring: Slightly larger dry bag that holds rain gear, sunglasses, hat, gloves, snacks, and water too.

SUP Across a Glacier Lagoon

One of the most serene experiences you can have in your life is standup paddleboarding across a glacier lagoon in Iceland.  Maybe because it is extremely quite, still, leaves you feeling 100% inspired and renewed!

Further, please first be aware that Iceland SUP on a glacier lagoon requires local knowledge, life jackers, safe distance from from the icebergs, possibly a permit and / or permission from a national park, etc.  Also it is very important to be very cognizant on what the weather will do while you’re out there because it can change quickly in Iceland especially by glaciers.

Fun Fact: We’ve learned throughout countless SUP expeditions around glacier lagoons that the seals, protect their pups and keep them closer to the glacier.  Only once have we seen them get a little aggressive making it very clear they wanted more space.

Ready for Your Expedition?

Leaving inspired and interested in planning your very own Iceland SUP expedition near Vik?  Countless glacier outlets await you and your partner or group to discover!  How about elevating your adventure in Iceland by Stand Up Paddlingboarding… Feel free to contact us to get that dialogue started!

Note: This specific SUP adventure in Iceland was in Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon.  In advance permission was requested and all safety checks were done before the journey began.  Also, a safe distance from the icebergs and glacier walls was always kept to ensure safety at all times.

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