Ultimate Iceland Winter Adventure

Visiting Iceland during the winter months and craving an end all be all experience?  Well good news, you’ve come to the right place!  Because we not only are we lovers of snow and everything ice, but we thrive on planning a unique yet custom Iceland winter adventure for our clients. Tour or Expedition? Likely, whenContinue reading “Ultimate Iceland Winter Adventure”

Hiking & SUP at Sólheimajökull Glacier Lagoon

Likely, if you’re an adventure seeker you’ve scoured the internet trying to find the best experiences to have during your trip to Iceland.  But is SUP at Sólheimajökull Glacier Lagoon on your agenda?  If not, maybe it’s time to consider!  All the details can be found here… What is SUP? SUP is short for StandContinue reading “Hiking & SUP at Sólheimajökull Glacier Lagoon”

Iceland Advanced Ice Climbing

If you’ve been ice climbing before and LOVED it you might crave a more challenging experience.  One that you can test your current skills, learn new ones, and walk away with badass bragging rights!  But what could that mean when you plan to visit Iceland?  Come along with us today as we share with youContinue reading “Iceland Advanced Ice Climbing”

Can I Walk on a Glacier?

Glaciers are everchanging and always inspiring.  Maybe it’s even a personal goal of yours to walk on a glacier or many in your lifetime.  Well, Iceland is the perfect country to start your journey in!  As we have many glaciers and countless outlets to fulfill this dream!  But wait, can you or how do youContinue reading “Can I Walk on a Glacier?”

Iceland Drone Recovery

Flying a drone in Iceland is pretty darn badass. After all, there are very few trees and ever changing dynamic landscapes to capture. However, sometimes when you get too wrapped up in going a bit further and things go sideways. Therefore, you may accidently crash it. But is all hope lost after you do? No!Continue reading “Iceland Drone Recovery”