Iceland Drone Recovery

Flying a drone in Iceland is pretty darn badass. After all, there are very few trees and ever changing dynamic landscapes to capture. However, sometimes when you get too wrapped up in going a bit further and things go sideways. Therefore, you may accidently crash it. But is all hope lost after you do? No!Continue reading “Iceland Drone Recovery”

Canyoneering in Iceland

Canyoneering in Iceland combines the best of all the worlds… For instance, you gear up, hike through nature, experience sights and sounds you never have before. Maybe even challenge yourself by jumping and repelling off a waterfall! How freaking exciting, right? You’ll go home with all the bragging rights! What is Canyoning or Canyoneering? BelieveContinue reading “Canyoneering in Iceland”

Iceland SUP on a Glacier Lagoon

Lets rewind back in time to the 1940’s on the Hawaiian beaches of Maui…  It is there that standup paddleboarding (affectionately called, SUP) begins.  However it doesn’t really catch on with the general population around the world until 2005 or so.  And it for sure doesn’t come into Icelandic tourism vocabulary until circa 2016 orContinue reading “Iceland SUP on a Glacier Lagoon”

Guide to Discovering the Icelandic Highlands

So much mystery and excitement surround the Icelandic Highlands.  For example, for those of you that love feeling like you’re discovering something new for the first time, every second will be MAGICAL. From jumping into your 4×4 or super jeep to turning onto the that “F-Road” you’ll feel like a kid a candy store.  ManyContinue reading “Guide to Discovering the Icelandic Highlands”

Ice Climbing in Iceland Year Round

No matter the time of year you visit Iceland, did you know you can ice climb?  So if you are an extreme sports enthusiast or someone who loves trying new things, this may be a wonderful journey to embark on.  Ice climbing in Iceland is an activity that can really challenge you on all levels. Continue reading “Ice Climbing in Iceland Year Round”