Offbeat Hot Springs in Iceland

Being a tiny geothermal island in the North Atlantic we have a plethora of hot springs for you to visit. Some are well known because they are easily accessed and others are deep into the Icelandic highlands. Furthermore, due to the abundance of geothermal heat, there are also countless pools and hot tubs throughout theContinue reading “Offbeat Hot Springs in Iceland”

Best South Iceland Hikes

Inspiration is abundant throughout Southern Iceland. Seriously, every five minutes you’re going to be afflicted with the urge to pull your car over and take a photograph or pick your jaw off the floor! Therefore, one of the ideal ways to experience it firsthand is hiking through the landscapes. So today our Vik Expeditions teamContinue reading “Best South Iceland Hikes”

Canyoneering in Iceland

Canyoneering in Iceland combines the best of all the worlds… For instance, you gear up, hike through nature, experience sights and sounds you never have before. Maybe even challenge yourself by jumping and repelling off a waterfall! How freaking exciting, right? You’ll go home with all the bragging rights! What is Canyoning or Canyoneering? BelieveContinue reading “Canyoneering in Iceland”

How to Hike to Iceland’s Active Volcano: Geldingadalur

News Flash! Did you hear that we have an active volcano currently erupting in Southern Iceland? But that’s not all… Days later, Iceland announced opening up to all vaccinated visitors from all countries! So much excitement, truly!! In fact, today we would love to share with you a step by step guide to hiking toContinue reading “How to Hike to Iceland’s Active Volcano: Geldingadalur”

Vik Basalt Stacks: Reynisdrangar

Visitors flock to the South of Iceland for the picturesque landscapes.  In fact, one of the most sought after “must see” attractions are the basalt sea stacks named, Reynisdrangar.  There is a sense of mystery and awe that comes alongside seeing them in person for the first time.  Will they on your South Iceland selfContinue reading “Vik Basalt Stacks: Reynisdrangar”