Offbeat Hot Springs in Iceland

Strútslaug Hot Springs Iceland

Being a tiny geothermal island in the North Atlantic we have a plethora of hot springs for you to visit. Some are well known because they are easily accessed and others are deep into the Icelandic highlands. Furthermore, due to the abundance of geothermal heat, there are also countless pools and hot tubs throughout the island to enjoy. Allow us to share with you some of our favorite offbeat hot springs in Iceland today…

Offbeat Hot Springs in Iceland

Few things are more rewarding than relaxing in a hot pot after a long day adventuring or hiking. But how do you feel about relaxing around a bunch of other people? Likely, you would like less people as you discover. So bring on the offbeat hot springs in Iceland!

Laugarfell (East Iceland) Mountain Hut Hot Spring

If you find yourself wandering through east Iceland, during summer on to the mountain road F-910 then add this spot to your must see list! Laugarfell mountain hut and hot spring, is located on Mount Snaefell, which is about a 70km drive from the heart of town of Egilsstaðir. Moreover, if you want to experience during winter time, you need to hire a local super jeep guide in East Iceland. For instance, the individual can contact the mountain hut owner and allow you to use the facilities if you plan ahead.

Hot Spring Hike: Strútslaug

Personally, Strútslaug is my favorite hot spring in Iceland. Why? Firstly, because you get an epic an 4×4 / super jeep drive through the Icelandic highlands. Secondly, you hike about 60-90 minutes and are greeted with STUNNING super warm hot spring after!

For example, you pick your temperature by the ebb and flow of the hot and cold rivers that fuel it. However, it can be a bit strange feeling with the mud and other particles within. But it is 100% an genuine experience of a traditional hot spring with no manmade features.

Next, if you would like to find your way to Strútslaug, our Vik Expeditions team would be happy to create a custom hiking expedition for you to experience. After all, who doesn’t want to experience amazing offbeat highland hot springs in Iceland?!

Hveravellir Hot Pot

Within the Central Highlands you’ll find one of the most interesting hot springs in Iceland… It’s name is Hveravellir. To illustrate, it is not only a hot spring but also an exciting area to hike, stay, eat, and see geothermal vents in action. So if you’re adventuring on F-35 (also referred to as Kjölur) you should make time to stop and enjoy. Please be aware though, this is a place that is easily accessed for higher clearance care / small 4×4’s during late June to August. Outside of those months can be challenging so hire a local driver-guide to take you there.

Laugafell Highland Mountain Hut Hot Spring

In the center of the Icelandic highlands off road F-821, you’ll find the Laugarfell mountain huts. Truly one of the most remote, yet beautiful areas to setup camp for a night and also relax. In fact, this is also where you will find one of the sweetest offbeat hot springs in Iceland. However, it can be a bit tricky to get here, so it is best to hire a local guide who knows the area to get you there safely.

Landmannalaugar Hot Pool

If you’re looking for a super fun day adventure during summer in Iceland heading to Landmannalaugar Hot Pool is pretty freaking awesome! First, you’ll really enjoy the drive to get there. Second, the last 2 river crossings are super exciting. However if you do not have an SUV or super jeep that can cross them it is best to use the foot bridges. Landmannalaugar is a popular hiking area, so often when folks are done hiking for the day, they gravitate to the hot spring.

Hot Spring at Kerlingarfjöll

Nearby to Hvervellir, there is another colorful geothermal area and mountain resort named, Kerlingarfjöll. The area serves as a fantastic base for hikers, campers, and adventure seekers. Meanwhile, there is also one of the coolest (that’s a word right?) hot springs in Iceland. The Kerlingarfjöll Hot Spring hike is short and invigorating. For instance, you hike alongside a beautiful river the entire time and also relax next to it too! So if you are discovering the Icelandic highlands, find your way on to F-347 to check this lovely place out!

Húsafell Canyon Baths

Although you may initially cringe at the idea of booking an organized “tour” to get to hot springs in Iceland. Allow me to reassure you that booking a private tour to the Húsafell Canyon Baths is worth every penny. To illustrate, you’ll take a short hike within central west Iceland, pass a waterfall, and be completely ready to relax. Meanwhile once there you will delight in nice changing facilities, 2 hot tubs, 1 cold pool, and dynamic 360 degree canyon views.


Iceland Private Property Hot Springs

Some of the best hot springs in Iceland are privately owned and not easily accessed. Why? Over time, landowners decided to close to the general public due to visitors not respecting or cleaning up after themselves. Moreover, this is very true in both the Westfjords and Snæfellsnes Peninsula. Therefore, if you are interested in visiting a hot spring in those areas, it is important you do your research and/or contact a local to help you get in contact with the landowner.

Additional Iceland Hot Springs & Pools to Visit

Maybe fully natural hot springs aren’t your thing… Likewise you may also want to delight in the extra services changing rooms, lockers, and the ability to enjoy a drink as you relax in a hot pot or pool. Additionally, there are other places for checking out hot springs in Iceland and we share a short list below…

  1. Sky Lagoon (near to Reykjavik)
  2. Vök Baths (East Iceland floating pools)
  3. Geosea Geothermal Sea Baths (Northeast Iceland)
  4. Secret Lagoon (South Iceland near the Golden Circle)
  5. Reykjadalur Geothermal River has become extremely touristy as of late so it is better to go outside of the 9-5pm rush.
  6. Seljavallalaug Mountain Pool (South Iceland)
  7. Fontana
  8. Nauthólsvík
  9. Myvatn Nature Baths (less touristy than the Blue Lagoon)

Etiquette at Icelandic Hot Springs & Pools

Hot springs in Iceland are an experience that is forever engrained into our culture. Therefore, there are some etiquette rules we suggest you take into consideration:

  • Pay the admission fee or pay the landowner a donation if requested.
  • Leave no trace and leave the area better than when you found it.
  • If there is a changing room, you will be asked to take off your shoes, do it.
  • Hot springs in Iceland, if a commercial spot will ask you shower naked before going in, do it. But if heading to a hot pot in the wilderness, that will likely not be possible so no stress.
  • Wear your swimsuit. Even if venturing to a hot spring in the countryside, wear one.
  • Be quite. You’ve (and others) have come to relax. Nothing spoils the experience more than loud obnoxious folks so be courteous to others.
  • Take breaks if you get too hot.
  • Commercial hot springs and pools will take care of your beer cans / glasses. But if bringing your own to Iceland hot springs in the wilderness, leave no trace. Also bring plastic glasses if possible and leave glass bottles far away from places folks step.

Hopefully our Vik Expeditions adventure blog post today has inspired you to enjoy one of the many hot springs in Iceland! In conclusion, no matter if you are doing an Iceland self drive journey around the island, you’ll find a hot spring or pool that will be super relaxing! Lastly, if you want to find your way to one of the many offbeat ones in the highlands, feel free to contact us to create a custom expedition for you to enjoy…

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