Iceland Drone Recovery

Iceland Drone Recovery

Flying a drone in Iceland is pretty darn badass. After all, there are very few trees and ever changing dynamic landscapes to capture. However, sometimes when you get too wrapped up in going a bit further and things go sideways. Therefore, you may accidently crash it. But is all hope lost after you do? No! Vik Expeditions actually offers Iceland drone recovery services!

Unforgiving Weather & Dynamic Landscapes

Many folks purchase a drone when they book their flights to Iceland. Maybe practice a bit before arriving but could still be a bit novice at it. Whereas others may be very experienced and even do drone photos and videos for their livelihood. Regardless of what kind of operator you are, you cannot escape the wrath of the weather in Iceland.

Next, maybe you’re taking your drone out while you self-drive South Iceland or on an epic hike. Then you get a magnetic interference and your drone crashes! Eeek! Additionally, better yet, you’re flying into an area from where you are parked and lose sight of the drone and it doesn’t come home. Or what about you get so focused looking at the remote flying through a canyon that you forget to look at it and it crashes.

Who knows, but whatever the situation, our Vik Expeditions Iceland drone recovery team is willing to have a look at the mission!

Iceland Drone Recovery Service

 Wait, drone rescue is a thing in Iceland? As a matter of fact, yes but Iceland more often than not, you need special skills (like mountaineering, ice climbing, etc) and not everybody has those. But luckily we do! 😉 So after countless emails and phone calls… We decided to add Iceland Drone Recovery to our expeditions offerings!

Therefore, you might wonder what is included?

  • Initial Consultation.
  • Vik Expeditions team member(s) dedicated to finding your drone.
  • Rescue gear needed to recover.
  • Time up to 2-10 hours (including drive time).
  • Mission updates (as available).
  • If possible, the recovery of your drone and memory card files immediately uploaded to Dropbox for your download.

Iceland Drone Rescue Begins: $1,000 USD per day and ranges up depending on the intricacy of the mission.

What You Need Provide

When you crash your drone, it is important to secure and preserve as much data as possible. Firstly, what type of drone are we looking for? Is there any markings or reflective tape on it, etc. Secondly, if your drone has a beacon on it. Thirdly, the map of the flight and last tracked location. Fourth, the video of it crashing if available. For example, all of those items can help the success of the Iceland drone recovery expedition.

Booking a Drone Rescue Mission

Under our watch, countless drones have been recovered in canyons, on glaciers, at the volcano area, at waterfalls, and alongside popular Iceland hiking trails (such as Landmannalaugar).  In conclusion, even though every drone is not always recovered, our team does our absolute best to try. Heck we even provide tracking updates while out on the mission!

Lastly, even if our schedule is full, if you have a drone that has crashed and you’re hopeful to recover the footage, feel free to contact us. We love the challenge, so bring on the Iceland drone recovery mission!

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