South Iceland Indoor Things to Do

South Iceland Indoor Things to Do Natural Cave

Sometimes people do not realize that the weather and road conditions in Iceland can become extreme. From gale force winds to sand storms, and blizzard conditions being outside becomes a challenge. Therefore, on any day of the year the weather or road conditions could force you to change your plans. So having a list of Iceland indoor things to do can be very valuable. Vik Expeditions would love to share with you our favorites in the South…

Weather in Iceland

Likely, experiencing the Icelandic weather is one of those unforgettable memories you’ll come home with. For example, you’ll look back on the way you ran around in side ways rain and crazy wind fondly. But at times the weather can get so bad that it closes the roads or keeps you inside.

To illustrate, you could experience all four seasons in one day. Meanwhile, you need to be prepared to adventure in it with rain and wind gear. Further, if you’re a fair weather person, you may also want to include some Iceland indoor things to do on your agenda should the weather inhibit you.

Iceland Indoor Things to Do

The South has a plethora of wonderful Iceland indoor things to do should the weather hold you captive from having fun in nature. However, what types of things are available for you to do, especially in the countryside? Maybe you explore natural caves, shows, go beer tasting, museums, or even indulge in spa treatments! Here is a quick list of some ideas of indoor opportunities in South Iceland.

Reykjavik Area Indoor Things to Do:

Next, it may be a rainy day in Reykjavik, but don’t fret! Plenty of fun still awaits you indoors such as the following:

South Iceland Indoor Activities:

Although Vik Expeditions is based in Vik we are extremely familiar with the South through and through. Therefore, we know all the fantastic spots to seek shelter in during an extreme weather day in Iceland. For instance, here is a list to take into consideration as you plan your Iceland self-drive trip!


Luxury Hotels with Indoor Amenities

Within the Reykjavik area and South, there are several luxury hotels that offer Iceland indoor things to do. For example, spa treatments, room service, Icelandic beer tastings, 5 course meals, high tea, lectures, billiards, pianos, cozy bars, gyms, saunas, and other glorious relaxing indoor amenities. A short list of those hotels follow:

Lastly, if you’re a rain or shine adventure seeker and are excited about an expedition instead of staying indoors… Please feel free to contact us for more information! After all, who knows, maybe ice climbing, canyoneering or stand up paddle boarding on a glacier lagoon awaits you!

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