Canyoneering in Iceland

Canyoneering in Iceland at Waterfall

Canyoneering in Iceland combines the best of all the worlds… For instance, you gear up, hike through nature, experience sights and sounds you never have before. Maybe even challenge yourself by jumping and repelling off a waterfall! How freaking exciting, right? You’ll go home with all the bragging rights!

What is Canyoning or Canyoneering?

Believe it or not there is a difference between canyon hiking and canyoning / canyoneering in Iceland. Therefore, canyon hiking merely means that you trek through or on top of a canyon on a path. For example, exploring Fjaðrárgljúfur is an example a canyon hike in Iceland. However, canyoning in Iceland is different… For example, it is the sort of journey where you climb, scramble, position, jump, repel / abseil, and even swim in parts through the canyon. Literally experiencing the canyon from the inside out!

Iceland Canyon Types

When you think about venturing to a canyon do you know the different types? Likely not, and there is no shame! After all most folks just see a photo and are drawn to discover it. However, we would love to share with you the different types of canyons and which types are used for Iceland canyoneering experiences!

Here in this tiny island in the North Atlantic, it could be possible to do Iceland canyoneering through box and slot canyons. But there is a possibility of mountain canyoning too depending on dynamics.

The Gear:

Gearing up for canyoneering in Iceland is pretty darn easy when you book an journey with Vik Expeditions! To illustrate, we do not book “open tours,” so it will just be your group. Next, before meeting, we will know your sizes for waders or wetsuits and experience level along with desire for intensity. For instance, whether or not you’re up to the challenge to abseil through a waterfall or if you want lower effort fun.

Vik Expeditions will equip you with waders or a wetsuit, helmet, and some sort of light. Which could be a hand held light or headlamp. Don’t worry about the ropes, harnesses, logistics or safety aspects, as that is exactly what you hired us to provide! Davíð Geir Jonasson comes with 15+ years of mountaineering, climbing, and SAR (Search and Rescue) experience in all sorts of conditions. So to say you will be in good hands is truly an understatement!

Your Experience:

Make sure as you venture on your South Iceland self-drive adventure, you save a day to do canyoneering in Iceland! Frankly, it will be a day you will never forget… For example, it all begins at a designated meeting point in the morning or from Vik. It is dependent on your schedule and the dynamic of the day. Next, there could be an additional 4×4 drive into an offbeat highland spot or a hike ahead of you, alongside of your private guide, Davíð.

Once arrived at the launch spot Davíð will let you know how things will go (from entering, traveling through, and exiting the canyon). Likely, he will also educate you along the way with tips, local insight, and other random bits of knowledge too! Also, there could be a few minutes of rope prep that needs to be done then or later. But if or when that happens, it’s exciting opportunity for you to take photos of the gorgeous landscape or indulge in a selfie or two!

As you enter the canyon, you’ll instantly be in awe over nature, with the rock formations, textures, and tones! Meanwhile, you may start to feel the pressure of the water build on your waders or wetsuit. Don’t stress, this is normal, just move slowly or yell out if things get uncomfortable! Next, if you’re brave enough to choose the more adventurous route of abseiling / repelling or climbing through a waterfall… Davíð will gear you up accordingly along with teach if needed. Savor this EPIC experience!

Canyoneering in Iceland:

Ready to embark on one of the coolest experiences of your life? After all, who knows, canyoneering in Iceland could very well change your life! At the very least, you’ll leave feeling accomplished, badass, and fully connected with Mother Nature.

In conclusion, also remember that if you’re not feeling this type of adventure we have a plethora of other unique bespoke adventures instead to consider! Anyhow, feel free to contact Vik Expeditions, if you’re ready to elevate your adventure!

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