Iceland Advanced Ice Climbing

If you’ve been ice climbing before and LOVED it you might crave a more challenging experience.  One that you can test your current skills, learn new ones, and walk away with badass bragging rights!  But what could that mean when you plan to visit Iceland?  Come along with us today as we share with youContinue reading “Iceland Advanced Ice Climbing”

Ice Climbing in Iceland Year Round

No matter the time of year you visit Iceland, did you know you can ice climb?  So if you are an extreme sports enthusiast or someone who loves trying new things, this may be a wonderful journey to embark on.  Ice climbing in Iceland is an activity that can really challenge you on all levels. Continue reading “Ice Climbing in Iceland Year Round”

Tours versus Expeditions in Iceland

Planning a trip to Iceland is often an adventure many look forward to for months or even years! So when you head down the road yourself, it’s important to understand the difference between choosing tours versus expeditions in Iceland. If you’re a more adventurous person or group the latter is likely going to be wayContinue reading “Tours versus Expeditions in Iceland”