Iceland Advanced Ice Climbing

Iceland Advanced Ice Climbing in a Moulin

If you’ve been ice climbing before and LOVED it you might crave a more challenging experience.  One that you can test your current skills, learn new ones, and walk away with badass bragging rights!  But what could that mean when you plan to visit Iceland?  Come along with us today as we share with you what Iceland advanced ice climbing looks like…

Types of Climbing in Iceland

Likely if you’re Googling climbing in Iceland you’ll realize that our island isn’t great for rock climbing.  However it is perfect for all types of ice climbing!

Firstly, if you want to rock climb there is only one rock area in the South that is safe to climb or a gym.  Why?  Because the of the rock types most of our mountains consist of.  For example, palagonite tuff is one of the most common and it is not strong enough for route climbing.

Secondly, you can choose from 4 different types of ice climbing in Iceland.  To illustrate, you can climb ice walls, moulins / caverns / crevasses, ice caves, or some waterfalls during wintertime.  For Iceland advanced ice climbing the most technical type of climbing would be waterfalls, or crevasse climbing.

Thirdly, you might wonder if a glacier guide is required to do climbing in Iceland?  The short answer is yes.  Mainly because the glacier is constantly changing and dangerous in many outlets.  Therefore, if you hire a local guide then that person can keep you safe, supply gear, and ensure your experience is unforgettable!

Iceland Advanced Ice Climbing

Okay so you’re ready to do this thing… If you’re coming during winter when it’s hella cold (January to mid-February) there is a chance of ice climbing waterfalls.  But the last few years it’s been pretty unstable in the South.  Additionally, it could take all day to get to the spot via super jeep so it turns into a winter camping expedition.  Or a heli waterfall ice climbing tour in Iceland.

Meanwhile, if you want to be challenged for 3-6 hours, then choosing an Iceland advanced ice climbing private expedition may be better suited for you.  For example, that would look something like this…  Firstly, you would meet at the famous Sólheimajökull Glacier parking lot.  Second, you’d meet Vik Expeditions, gear up, and embark on a 15 minute hike to the start of the glacier.

Third, from there you put on ice climbing crampons and hike to a moulin or crevasse your leader chooses.  Next, the hike could range from 20 minutes to 2 hours one way depending on the glacier conditions and your skill level.

Forth, Vik Expeditions will set a top rope system.  Fifth, you’ll repel into the crack or hole.  Part of the fun is the scariness and the fact there likely will not be a bottom.  Sixth, once you’ve gone down enough it’s time to climb out and be the ultimate badass!!

Benefits of Ice Climbing in Vik

Iceland advanced ice climbing around the town of Vik offers AMAZING views which is a huge bonus!  After all who doesn’t want to do a hike that is not only beautiful but multi-purpose?!  Also, the town of Vik is a perfect place to base yourself out of for multiple days.

In conclusion, has today’s post peaked your curiosity?  Lastly, if you’re ready to book your own expedition or Iceland advanced ice climbing adventure, feel free to contact us.  Would love to see you during your South Iceland self-driving journey!

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