Ultimate Iceland Winter Adventure

Rappelling into an Ice Cave in Iceland

Visiting Iceland during the winter months and craving an end all be all experience?  Well good news, you’ve come to the right place!  Because we not only are we lovers of snow and everything ice, but we thrive on planning a unique yet custom Iceland winter adventure for our clients.

Tour or Expedition?

Likely, when you’re sifting your way through all of the different types of tours, adventures and excursions out there you may be overwhelmed.  For example, do you choose an open tour with a large or small operator or an Iceland private tour with a local person who cares about your participation?  All depends on your interest, values, and / or budget.  But really, what is the difference between a tour vs expedition?

Maybe even have fear in selecting the wrong one.  Having FOMO is real and we hear you!  So why not elevate your adventure by booking an expedition that no one in your friend group has ever done?  Therefore we dare you to set the bar and watch others follow or swoon over your Iceland winter adventure!

Ultimate Iceland Winter Adventure

What kind of fun do you like to have during wintertime? Maybe downhill skiing, snow shoeing, sledding, snowmobiling, ice climbing, cross country skiing, glacier walking, ice cave exploring, hunting for Northern Lights, or even ice skating!  But what about combining a few of those into one epic day?!  Allow us to introduce you to truly, the ultimate Iceland winter adventure…

Cross Country Skiing in South Iceland (Part 1)

Here we go!  The day begins shortly before sunrise where you meet your Vik Expeditions expert leader.  Firstly, you will be introduced to the gear you will use for the day.  Second, you’ll get a lesson in how to cross country ski (if you are a beginner or need a refresher).  Third, you’ll be educated on the Vik cross country skiing route that will be taken.  Fourth, also be advised of any weather conditions or concerns.  Fifth, it’s time to embark on the ultimate Iceland winter adventure!

Snow Shoeing in Vik (Part 2)

After many kilometers of cross country skiing, you will arrive at a sparkling glacier base and be mesmerized at the colors and textures!  Next, depending on the conditions, you may transition to snow shoeing or hiking (which could vary between 15-60 minutes one way).  To illustrate, during the months of November – December there may not be any snow at the glacier so hiking in boots or putting on crampons can be enough.

However, in January – February snow shoeing is often done depending on where the ice cave is you will be visiting.  Regardless, you will have an exciting journey with lots of picturesque photo stops too!

Vik Iceland Ice Cave Discovery (Part 3)

Meanwhile, as you finish the last portion of the hike, you’ll set your eyes on the entrance into the sparking ice cave.  First, your Vik Expeditions leader will need a few minutes to check the conditions in the cave and set any safety requirements.  So please take some time to take photos and be in the moment while you wait!

Second, you’ll hear why the ice is black, blue, and white in certain areas and also the history of the area, etc.  Third, the guide will help put crampons on (either glacier walking type or ice climbing), helmets, and show you how to use the headlamp.  Fourth, they will then explain the plan of heading inside the Vik ice cave.  For instance, there may be certain things to be aware of or lookout for like quick sand or deep water, etc.  

Discovering the outside and inside of an ice cave in Iceland will leave you speechless.  For many this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, savor it!  After all, no matter if it is your first time or 10th time in an ice cave, the area is always changing and evolving.  Furthermore, this is especially true for Katla Glacier outlet on Mýrdalsjökull.

Therefore, if you were to come again next year to the same cave, there is a very good chance that the original cave has melted away and a new one has emerged.  This very live dynamic makes things even more thrilling when you think about it… Making it truly the ultimate Iceland winter adventure!

The Return (Part 4)

After you’ve reached your ultimate Iceland winter adventure limit it’s time to head back out of this compelling area.  For instance, your routes out could be the same way you came or via super jeep!  That’s the wonderful thing about custom private tours is that you get to decide!

Many like to hike out and then cross country ski back to the Vik Expeditions meeting point.  Whereas, others want to conserve their energy for their remaining days ahead and want the creature comfort of a super jeep bailing them out.  No judgement either way, just advise what would suite yourself and / or group best.

Opt in for More!

Sometimes adrenaline junkies need more and there is no shame in that!  In fact, this is a exact reason why Vik Expeditions was created!!  So let’s say, you want to extend your private Iceland winter adventure into making it even more intense and memorable… What could that entail?  To illustrate, it could mean you add in ice climbing, rappelling / abseiling, chilling in a hammock enjoying an Icelandic beer inside the cave, more glacier hiking to potentially find another ice feature.

How freaking epic would experiencing any or all of that be for you?!  Maybe a once in a lifetime experience for you and your favorite person?!  Don’t hesitate, just do it!  Because even if you opt in for the maximum adventure, it can always be scaled back or up depending on how you are feeling so no stress!

And if winter isn’t your thing, don’t worry Vik Expeditions offers a thrilling list of summer adventures to indulge in.  For instance, excursions like canyoneering, Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP), year round ice climbing, glacier walking, etc!  In conclusion, please contact us to get more information on making this ultimate Iceland winter adventure in Vik a reality for you!

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