Who is Vik Expeditions?

Searching for a trusted fun local guide in Iceland can be tough to fine among all of the big box tour operators.  Some of those may even lead you to believe they offer “personalized” service and tours but when you show up it’s just another random guide and cookie cutter tour.  < Insert sad face >  But don’t fret, allow Vik Expeditions to come to the rescue!

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Who is Vik Expeditions?

Vik Expeditions is the passion project of Davíð Geir Jonasson, turned business.  Best way businesses are born, eh?  Need to niche!  It was his belief that Iceland lacked a local adventure company which focuses on crafting UNIQUE experience driven tours.  Not offering cookie cutter “open tours” which fall short in time and flexibility. 

Rather, it’s the mission to provide a list of ideas / options and he further creates your own unique EXPERIENCE within! After all, you’ve come all this way to Iceland to do something super memorable and DIFFERENT than the rest of your friends and family may have done. Why not book an adventurous day with a local to the area who will offer a very different kind of adventurous day for you!

Davíð’s love for mountaineering and sharing moments with people runs deep…  To say you’re in good hands would be an understatement!  To illustrate, he has been a part of the Icelandic SAR team (search and rescue) for 14+ years.  During those years he participated in countless training’s, specific educational courses, and been a part of some of the most challenging rescue missions in Iceland’s history.  Feel free to read more on our about page to understand  further why Vik Expeditions is so different!

Fun Facts About Your Expedition Leader Davíð:

  • Born in Reykjavik but always drawn to the mountains in the South of Iceland (hence being based in Vik)!
  • He has hiked 100’s of mountain ranges across 6 continents (still needs Australia under his belt)!
  • Spent over 10 years in the film industry creating special effects for Hollywood films such as the following: Walter Mitty; Prometheus; Interstellar; Thor; Aqua-man; Noah; Star Wars, etc!
  • Some people refer to him as a “Human Dictionary.”
  • Had legally performed a wedding ceremony in Antarctica!
  • Ice Climbed on more glaciers than he can count!
  • Loves reading.
  • His jokes and sarcasm will keep you laughing!!
  • Has mad awesome super jeep driving skills!
  • Can problem solve his way out of any situation.
  • Also has an entrepreneur wife and 2 bengal cats! 

Why We are Here for You:

Vik Expeditions mission is to share with you a side of Iceland that will give you goosebumps and leave you inspired on all fronts.  Providing you a true unique experience you cannot buy with any other big box tour company.  It only comes from a local guide who is your everything on a tour and understands the reasons as to why people choose adventure.

Offering you unique private bespoke expeditions in Iceland.  Experiences like…

  • Multi-day hiking journey’s
  • Ice Climbing in Vik
  • Vik Glacier Walking
  • Iceland Cross Country Skiing Adventures
  • Winter Camping Experiences
  • SUP glacier lagoon and hiking combos
  • Hiking in offbeat highland areas
  • Icelandic highland photography adventures
  • Or what about creating your own Iceland custom private tour?!

Every Experience with Vik Expeditions Offers:

  • Adventures led by owner, Davíð to ensure the same, high quality guiding he is known for.
  • Everything will be straightforward and personal.
  • Davíð believes in being a sustainable company that gives back, also environmentally aware, and promoting responsible tourism.

Sound like music to your ears?  Confidently know who is Vik Expeditions now?

If so… We would love to connect with you and help you plan your biggest adventure yet!  Feel free to contact us for more information.  

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