Vik Basalt Stacks: Reynisdrangar

Visitors flock to the South of Iceland for the picturesque landscapes.  In fact, one of the most sought after “must see” attractions are the basalt sea stacks named, Reynisdrangar.  There is a sense of mystery and awe that comes alongside seeing them in person for the first time.  Will they on your South Iceland selfContinue reading “Vik Basalt Stacks: Reynisdrangar”

Perfect South Iceland Self-Drive Itinerary

The South of Iceland is the most diverse in Iceland in terms of variety of landscapes.  More importantly too, that they are closer together allowing you to explore more in one day.  However, in order to fully explore truly the “best” of you need to have 7 days.  So today I would love to walkContinue reading “Perfect South Iceland Self-Drive Itinerary”

Guide to Discovering the Icelandic Highlands

So much mystery and excitement surround the Icelandic Highlands.  For example, for those of you that love feeling like you’re discovering something new for the first time, every second will be MAGICAL. From jumping into your 4×4 or super jeep to turning onto the that “F-Road” you’ll feel like a kid a candy store.  ManyContinue reading “Guide to Discovering the Icelandic Highlands”

The Best Guide to Vik Iceland

Vík í Mýrdal is a small town within the heart of Southern Iceland’s coastline. Typically has around 300-600 people (depending on the time of the year) who call it home. You may think it is small in population size compared to the rest of Iceland. But it truly boasts some of the most dynamic unforgettableContinue reading “The Best Guide to Vik Iceland”