Vik Basalt Stacks: Reynisdrangar

Visitors flock to the South of Iceland for the picturesque landscapes.  In fact, one of the most sought after “must see” attractions are the basalt sea stacks named, Reynisdrangar.  There is a sense of mystery and awe that comes alongside seeing them in person for the first time.  Will they on your South Iceland selfContinue reading “Vik Basalt Stacks: Reynisdrangar”

Old Icelandic Traditions

Believe it or not settlements in Iceland date back to 874.  Historical evidence also shows Gaelic monks may have settles long before that date.  So to say the country has a long history of old Icelandic traditions would be an understatement!  Today I would love to share with you some of the oldest and mostContinue reading “Old Icelandic Traditions”